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  1. Hey Rohit!

    I enjoyed seeing your set up for your story book. The title used was really cool and specific! "Indra, the lord of the skies" is a unique title that I haven't seen before! Also, the image you used fit perfectly, thus the website looks settled and organized. Furthermore, I wonder what the google storybook will look like once you add a couple of stories to it! The introduction page was filled with great information. The stories you plan on writing to go along with your storybook were explained briefly, but descriptively enough to fill the reader in on what to expect! Furthermore, what if instead of telling the story through a narrator, you told it in Indra's point of view (first person.) I feel like this would help add some character and flavor to the story. Nonetheless, your project seems like it's coming together pretty well!

    Good luck!

  2. Hey, Rohit!

    I really liked your topic choice! Indra seems like such a fascinating character to me, and I ma interested to see how you spin this out over the next few weeks. I noticed that you planned on telling stories of Indra's many heroic feats. You also mentioned his flaws that make him an interesting character. I am not sure if this is in your overarching plan or not, but I really hope that you go into some detail on the character flaws of Indra. I think a lot of the beauty of works such as the Ramayana is that we really see these character flaws fester and develop, especially within Rama and Sita. These flaws sit with them until the character is forced to acknowledge them. And you absolutely have a good point in your introduction - these flaws help to humanize these characters, which helps make an unrelatable god all the more relatable. Just something to consider as you go about your writing.


  3. Rohit,

    I'm glad that I decided to take a look at your project for this week's assignment. I like the fact that you are trying to focus on Indra. A lot of the projects in our class don't have anything to do with Indra, so I feel like you have a very unique topic that can draw a lot of people in. I feel like we weren't told too much about Indra during the epics and I feel that I can learn a lot from reading your stories. I read your introduction page and was drawn to your project. I feel like the three main stories that you want to revolve your project around will be very interesting to read. I find the conflict in the epics to be some of the more interesting plot points and I'm always welcome to read more about it. I look forward to seeing your stories in the future

  4. Hey Rohit!
    To start, I really love how your project looks! It is very aesthetically please, that is for sure! It is very easy on the eyes and super accessible. I had not given much focus to Indra, previously, so I am glad I get to spend a bit more time with Indra's stories. I feel like I am going to learn a lot when you have your first story up! Judging by your introduction, I think I am really going to like this project. Critically speaking, I do wish your introduction was a bit longer. I am sure it is not entirely necessary, but I would like a tad bit more insight, if possible. I like how direct and to the point your introduction is, but I feel that something may be lacking.

  5. Hi Rohit,
    I really like how you made the introduction seem like Indra is speaking to us. I also like how you gave him some personality. It seems like he is a bit full or himself or big headed as you wrote in your introduction. Indra seems like a very interesting character and I look forward to reading about his adventurous stories. However, I did notice a couple things that you may want to change. The first one is in the second paragraph where is says "... even I, the Vanquisher of Vritra, makes mistakes..."I believe it should be "made mistakes" in that case. Another one I noticed is in the beginning of the fourth paragraph where it states " king and an journey I went..." I believe it should be "a journey" in this case. I hope I do not seem too nitpicky, and I also hope this information can be helpful to you.

  6. Hey Rohit!

    I really like how your epics of India project is developing. I think my favorite thing about it would be your title! It's different from everyone else's. Being unique is always a great way to stand out, which makes your project extremely great. Your introduction is also very strong. You did a great job laying out what the project will be about and all of Indra's characteristics. The first sentence of your introduction is perfect. I like how laid back it is with the "hahaha."Although, I feel like you could add a little bit more about Indra. I like how you say Arjuna is the son, but try going a little bit more in depth. I think a suggestion would just be to include the family and who she is associated with and why. This will help the reader get a little bit more of a background. Overall, I feel like you did a great job on your introduction and I can't wait to read a story once you post one.

  7. Hey Rohit,
    This is my first time viewing your project and so far it looks great. I really liked reading your introduction, you did a great job diving into what your project will contain. What was the inspiration behind telling in the introduction from that perspective? Another question, what made you pick those certain aspects to explore for a story? For example, your first story will feature the fight between India and Vritra. One suggestion I might give is adding a bit more formatting wise, I feel like you are lacking in that aspect. This may change though as you develop and add your stories. You can add things such as a Table of Contents, Collapsable Texts, and more images to your project. Another thing I may suggest when you begin to add your stories is in your different author's notes describe the origins of the stories you picked. I don't really recall the different fights Indra had so you may elaborate on those. Great job so far look forward to reading your stories!

  8. Hi Rohit,
    I like how you used the same picture for your comment wall and homepage. That was very helpful for me to know I was definitely at the right place. I am intrigued by your concept. I would love to learn more about Indra, the Lord of the Skies, so I am happy to see you are going to teach us about him! Because your introduction has so many great, vision-invoking details, like "I am the deity of storms, lighting, thunder, rain, war, and the sky itself" and "king of Svarga, or heaven" I bet you could find some really awesome pictures to accompany this page, like some clouds, sky pictures, heaven pictures, storms, etc. I think that might be really pretty.
    You did a good job at laying out your future stories' structures. I am looking forward to reading them.
    I like the way you are writing your character's perspective. It seems like it will be an amusing, interesting yet education storybook to read. I am so curious to how Queen Sachi's character with be written! Will she be a responsible, serious, mature partner who puts up with her lordly husband's antics? Or will she be a mischievous, silly, trouble-making partner in crime to the Lord of the Skies?


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